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A melding pot of colour, texture and pattern.

Boho style is one of those styles that blends into different cultures and different times. Hailing from the central-eastern European ancient bohemia – bohemian style applied to people who lived unconventional lives, richly artistic and nomadic. This travelling gypsy ideal meant that many elements of style and culture were amalgamated into an eclectic mix of styles. Bohemian style had a massive resurgence in the 60s and 70s, with key features of what we call retro or boho-chic today.

Anything you’ve collected throughout your life, display it! It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match anything, it’s not supposed to! Fill your space with fabrics and patterns, books, old art, mirrors vintage pieces or travel memoirs. Wooden furnishings are a must, random and busy surfaces are typical and most things come from outside of the design box! Bring spring’s 60s and 70s trends into your home decor with these bohemian inspired incarnations.

Moroccan Boho

Colourful lanterns, low tables and floor cushions lend a summer bohemian feel to outdoor space. Invest in some ottomans, plush furnishings, lanterns and netting.

Don’t be scared of a bold coloured feature wall. Integrating rich colours with strong patterns you can evoke a scene from a bright Moroccan bazaar.

When it comes to Bohemian, more is more: multi-tonal ikat-inspired prints complement one another, they don’t clash in such a melding pot of colour, texture and pattern.

Eastern European Bohemia

Think of burlesque gypsy wagons, beaded embellishments, tassels and crochet curtains. This take on bohemian interior design allows you to be messy and unruly, but with flare and elegance. Take to your room with lace, driftwood, jewellery and trinkets; anything from nature and anything from your travels. The goal is to make your room reflect your spontaneity. Not everything will have its place and not everything will be planned – but make it look effortless.

Trade in your furniture for a cosy peacock or hanging chair. A crocheted or beaded curtain puts a chic twist onto the entryway of an understated room.

Western Boho

Vintage leathers, tassels and butterfly chairs – high canopies and low floor-beds. Think rustic timbers, and woody furniture offset by sturdy materials made up of tie dye blankets and hemp pillows to transform your space into a ’60s haven. Tribal rugs and succulents cap off the Wild Western Boho interior. Skip out on a sofa in place of a pillowed in fortress, adorned with bright patterns and Navajo rugs.

Modern boho-chic

White on white is fantastic for Boho, think white painted timber floorboards, a few fairy lights as a canopy above your bed and some plush furry throws over the end of a vintage couch. Bold hues and rich textiles offset white walls and earthy plants for a laid back ambiance. You can never have enough plants or prints.

Chic meets boho when your old guitar collection makes for cool, indie wall art. An all-white palette gets a ’70s-inspired twist with the addition of an ornate rug and pillows. Take your kitchen back to the ’70s with bright patterned wallpaper or tiles in blues, oranges and browns.



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