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Canvass: The Art of Description: The J. Peterman Company

The Art of Description: The J. Peterman Company

Working as a freelance market editor and stylist involves quickly scanning look books, websites, blogs and stores for the perfect pieces to complete a photo shoot. So, with all the running around and quick decisions, I sometimes miss just browsing and enjoying the shopping experience.

Which is why, when my friend Nivara pulled out The J. Peterman Company catalog on the subway the other day, I got very nostalgic. I’ll be honest, I’ve never bought anything, but it’s so fun to comb through and look at the illustrations and creative, sometimes historic stories that go along with every piece.

J. Peterman even haswww.petermanseye.com, an online community that is basically an “interactive, daily newspaper focused on travel and curiosities.” I’ll be returning to each site when I need that extra boost of entertainment.


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